How to set up your Outlook E-mail Account

  1. Create new Email account:
    In Outlook 2007/ 2010 Select from top menus
    – Tools then Account Settings, click on new email account.
  2. Select Pop3 Account, next
  3. Select manually configure server settings, next
  4. Internet Email, next
  5. Enter User information
  6. Setup either via Pop3 or Imap4
  7. Incoming Mail Sever or POP3 Server:
  8. Outgoing Mail Server or SMTP Server: Preferably your internet service provider’s smtp settings
    or if you’re having  trouble use ours;
  9. Login Information. Insert User Name and Password
    – as supplied or as modified by your-self through the Web Admin Portal.
    Make sure the remember password button is actively selected.
  10. Select the “More Settings” button.
  11. Select “Outgoing Server” top menu.
    Make sure the “my outgoing server (smtp) requires authentication” is active
    with “use same settings as my outgoing mail server”