How to set up you Webmail account

  1. Click here to logon at your webmail account.
  2. Click on the webmail icon for webmail or the Admin webmail icon to administer your email settings for your domain.
    At this stage you may receive a security warning, this is normal. Accept the certificate, the certificate helps prevent intruders from seeing your user name and password through the web portal.
  3. You should now be at a login screen.
  4. Enter User Name:
    yourfullemailaddress@yourdomain eg
  5. Enter Password: As above or your new changed password
  6. We strongly recommend that you change all the passwords to something more robust in the webmail portal.
    To do this once logged in via webmail,

    1. Select Options menu – top right,
    2. select login – in left white pane & change password.
      Remember once you change your password here, you’ll have to update your mail programmes such as Outlook with your new password, failure to do this will result in no sending and receiving of emails .